About Us

Founded in 2008. Samti is one of Turkey’s largest fully integrated contract manufacturers of Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements. We are market leaders in the field of full service nutraceutical supply, specializing in 'white' or 'private label' manufacturing for many of leading brands.

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Operating from a site in Seyrantepe Samti’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is one of the largest and most advanced in Turkey with a manufacturing HACCP, and food GMP standard clean area complex. As one of the Turkey's leading manufacturers of nutritional supplements we pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service.

In an increasingly complex and regulatory facility Samti is here to help you with each step of the process, including planning, formulation, production, labelling, packaging, and distribution.

Our large inventory and raw materials stock holding ensures a fast order turn around ensuring your order is delivered as quickly as possible. We also offer a variety of tailored services to supply to individual business needs and specifications including; private label nutraceuticals, tailored supplement packaging and a custom formulation service.

As well as supplying across the Globe we supply finished product to over 30 Countries Worldwide and are able to help with all aspects of Global supply chain management including multi-lingual packaging.

Market leaders in the field of full service nutraceutical supply

We are committed to providing our customers with an excellent service to ensure the utmost confidence and quality in our products. Custom supplement formulations can provide customers with exclusivity to help enhance brands and products to meet diverse specifications.

We source only the finest materials from trusted suppliers across the globe and we guarantee consistently high quality supplements, vitamins and minerals to meet customer demand.

Samti have the expertise and knowledge to develop and up-scale difficult formulations to reach commercial markets. We will help you identify the correct mix of ingredients for your nutritional products. Whether you need liquid, powder, capsules, effervescent or chewable tablets and softgels, we can formulate it for you.

Our tablet, capsule and softgel encapsulation capability is comprehensive with a full range of shapes and sizes. Each custom formula supplements, minerals and vitamins goes through rigorous testing to ensure that your formulation meets our high manufacturing standards.

We are committed to purchasing natural and organic ingredients wherever possible and many of our products include Vegan, Vegetarian, Kosher and Halal certification. One of our core values is our dedication to maintaining customer satisfaction and we achieve this by ensuring we go beyond meeting your specific needs, resulting in providing the finest quality products with a service to match, giving you confidence in our finished product integrity.

Our customers have the freedom to develop custom vitamins and supplements to fulfil their needs and to enhance their brand. Samti's experienced team can guide and assist in creating bespoke supplements specifically for that brand. We specialize in custom formulation and will guide you through your formulation process, keeping you informed about the product developments at each stage of the life-cycle and furnish you with a nutritional label that you can trust.

As a leading supplement manufacturer, we believe the finished product will be one-of-a-kind, made exclusively to fulfil your customer's expectations. We are committed to following the latest market trends, so that our dedicated team can help to create custom supplements with the latest innovations and ingredients.


Samti are constantly at the forefront of innovation and this has provided numerous benefits to our customers all over the world.

We have a manufacturing facility providing an annual capacity of over 1 billion tablets, 1 billion capsules, 750 million soft-gels, 8500 tons powders and 1 million liters liquids due to the increased growth of our customers.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities allow us to be flexible with our production, allowing us to provide a solution to suit everybody’s needs. We excel in quality and offer small MOQ to large bespoke contract manufacturing services, whilst maintaining quality at all supply levels. Samti specializes in customer private label nutraceutical’s and we also supply loose product in bulk format with a bulk tablet manufacturing capacity of 15,000 tons per annum. We utilize a number of packaging, capping and labelling machines for a consistently high quality finish. Our commitment to quality excellence positions us well ahead of the competition to ensure that we are one of the best nutraceutical suppliers around.

We offer one of the broadest available portfolios of Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements total over 700 products and literally 1000’s of tailored custom formulations. We have a specialist tailored custom formulation service to suit clients’ specific requirements. Our tablet and encapsulation capability is comprehensive with a full range of shapes and sizes.
We are committed to providing an excellent service to all our customers. This promise is our commitment to deliver the level of service you expect.

We will:
• Deal with you politely and with respect
• Respond to your e-mails and letters promptly and in plain English
• Provide clear information and advice about our products and services
• Resolve your enquiry first time or, if not possible, keep you informed of our progress
• Admit when things go wrong and do our best to put them right
• Listen to your views relating to our products and services and implement changes where necessary.

We ask you to:
• Inform us when things go wrong, and tell us when you receive a outstanding service from us so that we can learn from your experience
• Treat us politely and with respect.

Our standards
If you contact us by e-mail or "Contact us" on-line, we will:
• Respond to you within five working days.
• If not, send you an acknowledgment with details of who is dealing with the matter and how long they will need to respond fully.

If you contact us by telephone, we will:
• Answer your call within 30 seconds or let you leave a message and/or provide an alternative contact.

If you visit our website, we will:
• Make it easy to use
• Clearly explain how to access and use the services.

If you visit us, we will:
• See you at the appointed time or, if we are delayed, explain why and keep you informed
Since being founded in 2008, Samti have been engaged in the business of Nutritional Supplement manufacturing and Packaging for the Nutraceutical sector.

Our mission is to become recognized in the market as the benchmark provider of Quality VMS (Vitamins, Minerals & Supplement) products, service and innovation.

We believe that our mission at Samti is to respond to the trust and needs of customers by the total approach of providing high quality, high function tablets and capsules as well as the design, development, manufacture and innovative services and products that we have cultivated over many years.

We offer excellence in:
• State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities
• Understanding our customer needs and adding value to our customers & products
• Internationally benchmarked Quality and Regulatory Systems
• Customer relationship through outstanding products and services

Our Focus – World Class Manufacturing of Nutraceuticals
Automated statistically-controlled operations; ISO 9001 compliance; Disciplined Quality Assurance monitoring; Clean room policies and procedures; Trained and Competent professionals and technicians, trained sales and customer service.

Our Primary Goal – Meeting Customer Needs
Samti provides Total Customer Satisfaction by describing what and how we do best. It is not only the sales and technical staff focus on addressing and resolving customer needs, but also our manufacturing personnel and formulation personnel often interact directly with customers on product improvement programs.
All our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and we operate a comprehensive quality management system which is certified to IS0 9001.

We utilize the very latest and most advanced pharmaceutical machinery and at every step of the manufacturing process we carefully monitor, document and test, so you can be confident in the nutritional profile shown on the label.

Samti welcomes specialist audits from our clients and independent external testing. All our products are manufactured to the highest possible standards and we operate a comprehensive quality management system. We also manufacture to the principles and guidelines of the food Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and are certified by AQC.

Our manufacturing facility is regularly tested for banned substances to reduce the risk of contamination in your products.

At Samti, we are very proud of the consistent quality in all our products and our advanced manufacturing facility. We constantly look at ways to improve on the standards we have set by taking a holistic approach to our operations in order to remain a market leader in this rapidly developing industry. By working to a recognizable standard such as food-GMP we aim to be at the top of our game whilst giving our customers absolute confidence, and we continually deliver on our promises.

We have streamlined our manufacturing process and improved both the quality of our product and the efficiency of our production lines. With greater control over all aspects of the business, we can monitor each function as it moves through the manufacturing and packaging process. This has enabled us to produce a higher quantity service, in a cost effective way so that our customers can benefit from the progress we have made.

Our lab utilizes a variety of state of the art analytical equipment to perform food safety analyses. Included microbiological tests, and the analytical types of analyses which performed by are using chromatography equipment including Gas Chromatography (GC), and High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).